Friday, 7 October 2011

life with Cancer

When you walk into the day unit, of Haematology, you see pink chairs. People who are dying, people fighting. People who just are getting on with it. It hits you as you talk to those both young and middle aged. Mums, dad’s, grans, and granddads, sons, daughters. Even small children. great grans and granddads. That (and this is inspired by a special friend) that cancer does not care. When you were born, how you look. What your status in society is. How many cars you have, or even what they are. Who loves you who loved you? Who your parents are? Where you live, house flat semi, terrace detached. Cancer has no reason to judge. No care what you do for a living. Cancer does not care who sits on those pink seats. It could be anyone of us. Not a lottery in any way, because cancer does not give out numbers. If it did it would never reveal who won, or who lost. It’s up to us to fight or give up to it. It does not care about your football team, your colour or creed. Asian British, Black or white. We are what cancer wants. We are to fight what we cannot see. It attacks any part. It does not care if you are pretty or hansom, intelligent or dyslectic.  Stomach, liver, pancreas, spine, bones, eyes, throat, or even our heart. But what we do have is the hope that if and when we die we go to a better place but till then we has to help, listen. Give, encourage and live each day as though it was our last.  This is our life. Choose to live it. Love those we feel cannot be loved as well as those we find easy to love. Today I was frustrated I could not have my chemo early so when walking back into the building I saw a man who was not able to talk. He moved his wheel chair slowly and was not getting far quickly or slowly. I asked him where he was going and to my amazement I was able to understand his muffles. I just grabbed that chair knowing he would get where he was going quicker. As we walked well I pushed and he carried on mumbling I realised. I am fortunate. I can walk and talk I am loved by many people and life is what it is. I will beat cancer in this or the next life but for now living with cancer continues to be hard. So what! Love each other and make someone you have never met smile today. It’s a desire of human nature. Tomorrow never actually arrives, because tomorrow is todays blessing that someone missed. Love your wife. Love your husband. Your long life partner. Give your life with no regrets today! If you know someone with cancer, or who you think needs a new perspective. Encourage them with this piece of human reality.

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